Information and support to help you make the right training choice and to ensure you are set up for a successful learning experience.

  • Pre-enrolment Questionnaire
  • USI
  • LLN
  • Student Handbook

Pre-enrolment questionnaire

To help you make the right choice about which program or course to enrol in and to identify any special learning or other requirements you may have, complete our online ‘Pre-enrolment Questionnaire’.

Unique student identifer (USI)

All students require a USI when enrolling in nationally recognised training.

Your USI links to an online account that contains all of your training records and results (transcript) since 1 January 2015. When applying for a job or enrolling in further study, you often need to provide your training records and results (transcript) so one of the benefits of the USI is the ability to provide students with easy access to these details throughout their life.

If you do not have a USI, EnerTrain can be prevented from issuing you with a nationally recognised VET qualification or statement of attainment when you complete your program.

Your USI for enrolment

If you already have your USI, you will need to provide it during your enrolment onto an accredited training/assessment program.

If you don’t already have a USI, EnerTrain can create one on your behalf so it doesn’t hold up your enrolment process. You must authorise EnerTrain to do this and declare that you have read the USI Privacy Notice on your enrolment form. The Privacy Notice details the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information during the USI creation process.

Read more at or ‘How to create your USI‘ or ‘Student Quick Guide‘ or ASQA’s ‘USI Fact Sheet

If you are ready to create your own USI click here.

Your USI transcript

USI account holders can access their national training record online, in the form of a USI Transcript.

The USI Transcript shows the nationally recognised training you have completed since 2015 and any of your training that has been reported as part of training provider reporting requirements. The USI Transcript collates outcomes from different training providers, in different states, and across different years – in the one record. USI account holders are able to download or print their USI Transcript and share it electronically with registered training providers if they wish.

  • Read about your USI Transcript here.
  • Log into the USI Student Portal here.
  • To provide EnerTrain with permission to view and edit your USI Transcript, follow these instructions.

Language, literacy & numeracy (LLN)

All EnerTrain programs and courses require you to have a ‘high school’ minimum standard of language, literacy & numeracy (LLN) skills to successfully complete the requirements of training and assessment activities.

LLN assessment

If you would like to know whether you have the required level of LLN to complete an EnerTrain program or course, contact us to arrange an LLN assessment.

Student handbook

The EnerTrain ‘Student Handbook‘ contains information you need to know when studying as an EnerTrain student including your rights and responsibilities as a student and EnerTrain’s obligations to you as a learner; so it is important that you download and read the handbook before you enrol on your program or course.

How to enrol

Click here to get information on how to enrol into your program or course.