Assessment is the process of collecting evidence to enable a judgement about whether competency has been achieved. Assessments confirm that you can perform a task or skill in the workplace to the standard required by the qualification, skill set or unit of competency in a national training package.

Assessment process

If you are completing an accredited program, the assessment process typically involves the following:

  • Attending training workshops where you complete (formative) theory and practical assessment activities
  • Practicing what you have learned back in your workplace
  • Having your workplace validate your readiness for practical (summative) assessment
  • Being assessed on-the-job by an EnerTrain assessor who comes to your workplace to assess your practical skills and knowledge

Formative and summative assessment

Formative assessment is completed by students during training to provide trainers with important information about student skills and knowledge so they can improve the learning process, while it’s happening. It is an evaluation for learning.

Formative assessment activities may include:

  • multiple choice and short answer written and/or online questions
  • verbal questions
  • group or individual work
  • performing simulated practical activities


Formative theory assessment may be online or paper-based. Formative practical assessment may be recorded online or using paper-based assessment tools.

Summative assessment evaluates student learning against competency standards (such as units of competency). Summative assessment is included in accredited programs. However, if you attend a non-accredited course, this type of assessment is optional and incurs additional cost. It is generally completed by students after training and in the workplace. It is an evaluation of learning.

Summative assessment activities often include:

  • verbal questions
  • written questions (online or paper-based)
  • completing industry templates, forms, reports or projects
  • responding to real and/or simulated workplace situations and issues
  • practical tasks completed in the classroom
  • practical tasks completed in the workplace
  • workplace assignments or projects


Summative theory assessment may be online or paper-based. Summative practical assessment may be recorded online or using paper-based assessment tools.

Workplace valiDation activities (WVA)

Students that have: attended a non-accredited training course or completed a training workshop in an accredited program; and have completed formative assessment, may request to be summatively assessed in the workplace.

Before summative assessment can take place, students must complete a prescribed set of Workplace Valudation Activities (WVA) for each unit of competency they want to be summatively assessed in. WVAs may be provided at training or can be requested via email at

Submitting WVAs and assessments

Once you have completed your WVAs and/or any written summative assessments, you can submit your documentation directly to your trainer/assessor face-to-face or using the email address they have provided or via email at

Student Assessment Guide
Your assessor will provide you with the Student Assessment Guide before your assessment so you can familiarise yourself with the assessment process and what you will be expected to do during your assessment.

Click here to access a copy of the guide on the Forms & Surveys page.

Assessment support

EnerTrain assessors are available on email and telephone to answer questions or provide support during your assessment process.

Assessment policies and procedures

Read the ‘Student Handbook‘ for more information on assessment.