Consulting Services

Does your organisation need support in achieving specific or customised learning goals?

UtiliTrain’s experienced consultants can save you time and money and ensure you are able to meet industry and organisational requirements in a cost-effective and compliant way.

Following are some of the consulting services we provide through our parent company UtiliTrain.

Instructional Design

Customised training and assessment; learning and development expertise

UtiliTrain specialises in tailoring training and assessment to meet individual or organisational needs.

This may include: customising program electives, learning activities and materials to reflect workplace practices; or adapting program delivery to better suit the learners, the organisation or the timeframe required.


Analysis, strategy, implementation and evaluation of gas industry requirements

UtiliTrain is experienced in project managing and supporting organisational projects to ensure outcomes are met on time and within budget.

Policy, Process & Procedures

UtiliTrain has extensive expertise in working with clients to develop industry relevant workplace processes and procedures.

This may involve reviewing, analysing and improving existing documentation or developing new documentation to address changes in industry or workplace practices.

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