Our Business

About Enertrain

Our mission is to be the preferred learning partner for the Australian gas industry; delivering timely, expert and effective technical workforce development solutions, resources and quality documentation.

Our Business

EnerTrain was established in 2015 with the intention of becoming the leading provider of quality training in the energy industry.

Previous to this, our parent company UtiliTrain delivered training in partnership with registered training organisations (RTOs) to deliver qualifications for many clients across the gas industry. In 2015, EnerTrain became a RTO to enable us to deliver gas supply qualifications from Certificate II to Certificate IV levels, as well as the Certificate IV qualification in work health and safety.

Experience and Expertise

Our programs and courses are delivered by some of the most highly skilled and experienced trainers and assessors in the industry. Our team have been delivering for over 20 years, which means they understand what it takes to support students in achieving the outcomes they need.

Our trainers continue to work in industry while they deliver training for EnerTrain, which keeps our courses, and their skills and knowledge, current and relevant for today’s workplace environments. Our training is based on real-life workplace practices that students can apply as soon as they return to work.

Close relationship with the energy industry

One of EnerTrain’s unique strengths is our close relationship with the energy industry. Our team have longstanding partnerships with industry leaders, high profile vocational education and training (VET) leaders and client organisations. Our courses and delivery approach evolve from continuous industry consultation to ensure our training always meets current workplace requirements.

EnerTrain’s ‘Training Advisory Board’ are key players in the energy industry from organisations such as:

  • Jemena Gas Networks
  • NSW Utilities & Electrotechnology Industry Training Advisory Board (NSW U&E ITAB)
  • Macarthur Gas


Our Chairman Joe Calabrese has been, and continues to be, highly involved and respected in the energy industry, participating in discussions and activities that are instrumental in shaping gas sector training.

Joe has previously held the following positions:

  • Interim Chair of the Australian Industry Standards Limited Gas Industry Reference Committee (IRC) responsible for the UEG11 Gas Industry Training Package
  • Chair of the Gas System Operations Technical Advisory Committee (GSOTAC)
  • Technical Specialist on the Gas Supply Industry National Training Advisory Group (NTAG)
  • Honorary Life Member and Secretary/Treasurer of The Institution of Gas Engineers (IGE)


Joe currently holds an expert position as Training Representative on the Gas IRC.