Employers Information

Information for employers

What you need to know as an employer of an EnerTrain student to support your team member to achieve their learning goals.

Selecting the right program or course for your staff

EnerTrain can provide you with all the information you need to select the right training for your team. We can also deliver in-house programs and courses tailored to your particular workplace needs and environment.

Enrolling your staff on our courses

Whether you are enrolling a single member of your team or a number of staff at once, EnerTrain can streamline the enrolment process so it’s easier and more efficient, and provide information on training and assessment progress using reports from our student management system.

Student handbook

As an employer of an EnerTrain student, you play an important role in their learning. The ‘Student Handbook‘ can provide important information that can help you ensure they succeed.

Coaching your trainee or apprentice

It is EnerTrain’s responsibility to support employers in the delivery of on-the-job training to ensure it integrates with the formal/structured training that we deliver on their trainee’s or apprentice’s program.

The resource ‘Supervising your apprentice or trainee’ was developed by the NSW Department of Industry for employers of trainees/apprentices and includes practical information on how to deliver effective workplace coaching.

This is a great resource for any employer who is interested in developing their employees using best practice coaching techniques.

We welcome your feedback

As a registered training organisation (RTO), we are required to gather feedback from employers of our students on the service we provide and the quality of the training and assessment outcomes we achieve with your staff.

You will be asked to complete the online Employer Satisfaction Survey‘ at the end of every accredited training program completed by your staff and we look forward to hearing from you about our performance. We will email you the survey at the relevant time.

Of course if you would like to provide us with feedback at any time, please complete our online Feedback Form‘.

Contact Us

Contact us on (02) 9613 0443 or via admin@enertrain.com.au to discuss the best training and assessment options for your staff.