Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions from our students.

Absolutely. Contact EnerTrain on (03) 8201 4918 or send an email via admin@enertrain.com.au to discuss your learning and assessment needs.

There are two ways you can pay for your program or course: EFT or credit card. See the ‘Payment‘ page for more details.

If you are completing a nationally accredited program such as a qualification you (or your employer) will need to pay an enrolment deposit when you enrol that includes a small non-refundable administration fee.

Once you are enrolled, you then pay the remaining fees as you attend the program, according to the payment schedule outlined in the Program Outline or on the ‘Pricing‘ page.

If you are attending a non-accredited energy course, you (or your employer) will need to pay the full course fee at the time of enrolment.

Business clients can apply for a credit account, in which fees will be invoiced upon delivery of training and assessment sessions.

Enrolment involves the following key steps:

The first stage in any RPL process with EnerTrain involves a telephone (or face-to-face) meeting with an EnerTrain assessor to clarify your eligibility for RPL based on the evidence you have or would need to provide.

Call EnerTrain on (02) 9613 0443 or send an email via admin@enertrain.com.au to talk to one of our assessors prior to making your application.

A complaints and appeals procedure is available to anyone wanting to make a complaint, request an appeal or object in any other manner to the conduct of:

  • EnerTrain
  • EnerTrain staff
  • EnerTrain students and/or
  • Third parties engaged to deliver services on EnerTrain’s behalf


The EnerTrain ‘Complaints and Appeals Policy’ applies to:

  • Prospective students
  • Enrolled students
  • Employers of students
  • Other EnerTrain clients and
  • EnerTrain staff

You will find this policy and relevant procedures in the ‘Student Handbook’.

For accredited programs, unless you have withdrawn or deferred from the qualification prior to the census date (which is the program start date and the last date you can cancel your enrolment without incurring financial liability), or make an application for special circumstances, you will not be able to get a refund for any fees already paid.

However, if you have achieved some of the program units when you discontinue, you will be entitled to a Statement of Attainment for those units.

For non-accredited courses, it may be possible to transfer to another EnerTrain course or to have all or part of your program or course fees refunded depending upon your circumstances.

Read the relevant ‘Terms and Conditions‘ before you enrol.

If you are concerned about the training or assessment requirements for language, literacy or numeracy (LLN), you can:

  • talk to one of our training team about what’s going to be required;
  • complete an online Pre-course Questionnaire and we can discuss your results before you enrol; and/or
  • complete an LLN evaluation with one of our trainers to see whether you have the required skills.

Not necessarily and most likely no. There are options for recognising current competency (RCC) that include: challenge testing through assessment-only to prove your skills and knowledge are still current; and you providing supplementary workplace evidence such as a CV, training records and/or a testimonial from your employer stating work you are able to complete that is related to the units you are aiming to achieve. This process is a form of RPL with a focus on establishing currency.

Students have the right to a right to make an appeal against any assessment decisions they feel are not an accurate reflection of their competency and/or were conducted in a way that was not fair, flexible or valid.

The EnerTrain ‘Student Assessment Appeals’ Policy and procedures can be found in the ‘Student Handbook‘.

If your personal, contact or employment details change during your program, either: