What can you expect during your training program or course?

To learn interesting and important information about the gas industry and lots of hands on practice to help you develop the skills you need on the job.

Learning activities

EnerTrain programs and courses are generally a blend of face-to-face classroom training and practical activities involving lots of hands-on experience using industry resources and equipment. Some courses may also include an online learning component. Our learning activities have been designed to effectively develop skills and knowledge using current industry practices, realistic scenarios, and opportunities to collaborate with other students as well as learn from your trainer.

Materials and resources

You will generally be provided with all of the materials you will need to complete your program or course including workbooks and in some cases, technology such as PC tablets. However, you may be required to bring your own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for specific training activities and there may be specific equipment or resources that you may be required to bring for some courses. Any such requirement is outlined in the program or course outlines available on this website.

How to get the best from your training

Completing a training program or course requires time and commitment from you, and in some cases from your employer, to make the experience worthwhile.

While EnerTrain will support you by providing efficient processes and high quality training and assessment materials and delivery, you will need to ensure that you can commit to completing all learning and assessment activities related to your program or course. This includes attending all face-to-face training events as required and being on time for each training day. It is also important that you attend training with an attitude that demonstrates your willingness to learn and to cooperate with your trainer and fellow classmates.

If you are working, you may also want to discuss your learning with your supervisor and/or more experienced colleagues to ensure you have the support you need when you are applying your new skills and knowledge back in the workplace.

Learning support available

EnerTrain trainers are available to provide learning support during any training program or course they deliver. They are very approachable and will do their best to encourage you to successfully complete all training requirements. For longer programs, you will be provided with telephone and email support throughout the duration of the program so you can always contact someone if you need help with any aspect of your learning.

EnerTrain also offers other support services to ensure that you can successfully complete your program or course. Click here for information about the support services available to you as an EnerTrain student.

Training policies and procedures

Read the ‘Student Handbook‘ for more information on training.