Gas Industry Courses – NSW

Energy Industry Courses

EnerTrain delivers the following course types for the gas industry:

  • Inductions
  • Initial Training 
  • Refresher
  • Zinfra HSE Induction (1 day)
    No cost – provided by Zinfra.
    Compulsory for new Zinfra employees and Zinfra subcontractors.
    Refreshed every 2 years.
    Scheduled to run every 2 weeks – contact EnerTrain for dates.
    Results in a Zinfra Authorised Contractor ID Card.
    Inductees must hold a Construction Induction Card.
  • Gas Industry Overview (NSW) (1 day)
    $2,000 +GST per group.
    Suited to non-operational staff working indirectly on the Jemena gas network or assets.
    Scheduled upon request.
    $POA for individuals.
  • Gas Industry Induction (NSW) (3 days)
    $1,400 +GST per student (full fee paying enrolment)
    Refreshed every year – see Gas Distribution Refresher course.
    Scheduled on demand (typically every 6-12 weeks).
  • Gas Transmission Induction (1 hour)
    No cost – provided by Jemena.
    Mandatory for anyone who needs to access or work in high pressure gas environments.
    Available as online learning via


* Gas Industry Induction (VIC) is an accredited program comprised of training and summative workplace assessment. There are other completion pathways available for experienced workers – contact EnerTrain for details.

Initial Training
  • Butt and Electrofusion Weld Polyethylene Plastic Pipelines* (2 days)
  • Construct & Lay Distribution Assets (3 days)
    $1,700 +GST per student.
    Does not require refresher training.
    Suitable for crew offsider or crew leader roles.
    Aligned to construction-related elective units in the UEG30118 Certificate III in Gas Supply Industry Operations.
  • Copper Fabrication (3 days)
  • Critical Excavation Asset Protection (2 days)
  • Gas Pinpointing & Detection (1 day) – coming soon
  • Metal Pipe Repairs (2 days)
  • PE Electrofusion* (1 day)
  • PE Butt Fusion* (2 days)
  • PE Repair & Maintenance (1 day)
  • Ravetti Mini Stop (1 day)
  • Wask 312 (1 day)

* Optional assessment is available at additional cost and may lead to the achievement of units PMBWELD301 and/or PMBWELD302; these units are required for the issue of an authorised welder number and card.

  • Appliance Relight (1 day)
  • Gas Control Fundamentals (5 days)
  • Gas Flow and Pressure Control for Gas Fired Turbines (3 days)
  • Gas Meter Disconnect/Reconnect (1 day)
  • Gas Meter Disconnect/Reconnect and Appliance Relight*
    (2 days + field assessment) – gasfitters only require 1 day training
  • MDL Advanced (2 days)
  • MDL Hot Water Meter Replacement & Installation** (1 day) – plumbing pre-requisite required
  • Test New Residential and Small Commercial Installations (2 days)

* Course is aligned to gas meter units UEGNSG705, UEGNSG708 and UEGNSG714 which require the completion of post training workplace assessment at additional cost.


  • Jemena Safe Work System Permit Issuer (2 days)
  • Jemena Secondary Standby (2 days training + 0.5 day field assessment)
  • Underground Assets Location (1 day)
  • Asbestos Handling (1 day)
  • Breathing Apparatus* (1 day)
  • Electrical Awareness for Metallic Pipes (1 day)
  • Fire Fighting* (1 day)
  • Manual Handling* (1 day)

* Summative assessment in national units of competency is available at additional cost – contact EnerTrain for details. 

  • Emergency Controller (1 day + 0.5 day field assessment)
  • Emergency Manager* (2 days + 0.5 day field assessment)
  • First Response (1 day training + 0.5 day field assessment)
  • Site Controller* (1 day training + 0.5 day field assessment)

* Pre-requisites apply – contact EnerTrain for details.

  • Gas Distribution Refresher (1 day; every 12 months)
    Maximum 4 students per course.
    $800 +GST per student.
    $2,000 +GST for groups of up to 4 students
    This is the refresher for ‘Gas Industry Induction (NSW)’ course.
    This course was previously known as P1-P4.
  • Butt & Electrofusion Weld Polyethylene Plastic Pipelines Refresher (1 day; every 2 years)
  • Emergency Manager Refresher – P9a (0.5 days; every 2 years)
  • First Response Refresher – P8 (1 day; every 12 months)
    (Note: Also included in the Gas Distribution Refresher course)
  • Mains and Meters Refresher – P11 (2 days; every 2 years)
  • Metal Pipe Repair Refresher – P11a (1 day; every 2 years)
  • Pressure Control Refresher – P12 (1 day; every 2 years)
  • Pressure Control Advanced Refresher – P12a (1 day; every 2 years)
  • Site Controller Refresher – P9 (1 day; every 2 years)
  • Safe Work Systems Permit Issuer Refresher (0.5 days; every 12 months)
  • Steel Mains Repair Refresher – P15 (1 day; every 3 years)

It is important to advise us if you have any prior learning or experience in the gas industry – for example if you are a gasfitter or plumber or have worked in civil works such as water mains construction. Recognition for existing skills can significantly reduce the duration of training.​

  • Contact EnerTrain for any pricing not provided.
  • Course durations are indicative, based on standard class sizes (generally 4 to 12 students per course).
  • Pricing is based on individual enrolments – group pricing is available on request.
  • Travel costs for training or assessment outside of Sydney Metro will apply.
  • Training may be delivered at EnerTrain venues or at your workplace if suitable – no price change applies.
  • Pricing for any applicable field assessment is $950 / day.
  • Accredited training and assessment does not attract GST.
  • Multiple students may be assessed at the same work site with prior arrangement. A group pricing rate may apply.
  • Non-accredited training is generally scheduled on-demand, in response to industry requirements.

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